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Jetaxe Nozzle JA8


Jetaxe 8 Rear Only
Jetaxe Nozzle 8RJetaxe Nozzle 8R
Price Ex GST:$97.57
Sale Price Ex GST:$83.63
Jetaxe Nozzle 8R
Jetaxe Nozzle 8R
Jetaxe Nozzle 8R

The Jetaxe Nozzle is an awesome nozzle for those really tough blockages. We have used the same rear jet configuration as the Grease Ball nozzle giving it extreme thrust with a tight 20 degree rear jet angle. The 6R1F model has one straight jet drilled at .6mm allowing it to break up debris with both the blade and the jet and has very similar thrust characteristics. The 8 rear no front jet model concentrates on pure thrust letting the axe head do all the work! This model has 8 rear jets only and no cone or tail. Size 1/4" F BSP

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