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the jetter edge
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Hose Centurion


Jetter Hose Protector


Protect yourself and your Jetter Hose with a Hose Centurion!

The Hose Centurion is a patented plumbing tool that reduces friction and the amount of liquid that is discharged from inspection openings during sewer jetting.
Designed by a local Sydney plumber and made by Mustang Nozzles, it creates an angle that facilitates the jetter hose movement over the sharp edges found inside PVC waste stack inspection opening to prevent jetter hoses getting damaged.
The hole is 26mm so it’s big enough to stick the quick connector through but once a head larger than 26mm is attached, the hose cannot be pulled through.
This makes jetting waste stacks safer and cleaner.

(This product is protected by a Patent owned by the designer.)


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