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Root Ranger Nozzle


Root Ranger Nozzle - Root cutting at its best!
Root Ranger NozzleRoot Ranger Nozzle

The Root Ranger Nozzle is possibly the best root cutting nozzle available today for thoroughly cleaning roots, grease and debris from a drain. It only has one moving part and can be cleaned on site without tools in 1 minute. It features an optional offset front jet for forward penetration. (This will reduce the forward thrust by 15%). It is sold worldwide to plumbers who need their drains cleaned properly, the first time. It is an extremely reliable nozzle.

Caution, cheap copies are now in the market. The original Root Ranger is made by Mustang Nozzles Australia from High Strength Stainless Steel so it will last for many years.

Root Ranger Nozzle
Comes with quick connect adaptor and front plug.
Made from duplex stainless steel for long life.
All parts available individually.

Tips on not getting your Root Ranger stuck...


Root Ranger in a 6" drain


The Root Ranger Nozzle was one of the early root cutting nozzles designed in Australia and is one of the best nozzles for cutting tree roots, grease, ice and debris from drains. It has been on the market for many years now and is the 'go to' tool for clearing blocked drains. There are several knock-off copies of the Root Ranger nozzle that are cheaper and not as effective. They also wear out quickly so you have to replace them more often equating to a false value.  
This is a video we shot on site quickly many years ago with a Ridgid Drain Camera showing the abilities of the early Root Ranger Nozzle inside a 6" earthenware drain. The client called us in after having the drain cleared one month earlier by another plumber with an eel. The only access was via a 4" inspection opening in the concrete driveway preventing a larger cutter entering the drain. Since this video was taken we improved the Root Ranger nozzle in many areas including the strength of the 180 degree pressure bend (the major wear part) and the large flow path for the water with reduced friction/pressure loss. You can now buy a Forward Firing Root Ranger with optional front plug, a Double Barrel Root Ranger, a Large 1/2" Root Ranger and a Double Ended Root Ranger Nozzle. 



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