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Root Ranger Double Ended


Double Ended Root Ranger - Great front penetration
Root Ranger Double EndedRoot Ranger Double Ended

The Double Ended Root Ranger with forward cutting turbine and larger rear turbine has less thrust than a standard Root Ranger Nozzle but it will penetrate difficult obstructions that a standard penetrating nozzle can't get through. Can be jetted to suit large flow machines from 21 LPM to 90 LPM. Please advise your machines pressure and flow rate when ordering.

It is a nozzle that is unstoppable in stubborn root blockages. It will go around 90 degree (4") bends and destroy just about any obstruction in its path! It also has the ability to flush a drain forwards and backwards.

Please note: This nozzle has a 1/4" Female inlet port and can be adapted to suit a 3/8" or 1/2" hose. Please advise of your hose size, water flow rate and pressure when ordering. If you have a 25-31LPM jetter you will need an 020-055 configuration. 




 Large 1/2" Double Ended Root Ranger Nozzle


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