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LaserJet Nozzle LJB


LaserJet LJB Nozzle 17 lpm
LaserJet NozzleLaserJet Nozzle

The LaserJet LJB Drain Cleaning Nozzle is designed to clear cement, rust scale, tree roots and debris from drains with its high powered single rear jet.

It's unique rear facing jet puts all its power into one area so it can concentrate on removing the obstacles found washed down drains today.

The nozzle can be removed from the reverse turbo body and screwed to a hand lance to cut tree roots, timber, sandstone or remove graffiti.

It has an optional removable front jet that can be purchased separately so you can clear from the front and the rear.

Each nozzle has a unique size code engraved in the nozzle.

The codes represent jet sizes to suit different flow rates with a +/- of 20%. See flow chart below.


LJA 15 4
LJB 17 4.5
 LJC  20 5.3 
LJD 22 5.8
LJE 25 6.6
 LJF 28  7.4 
 LJG  31 8.2 

LaserJet Nozzle Mustang Nozzles

LaserJet Nozzle with measurements

lasetJet  quick connector LaserJet Nozzle nose

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