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Flexi Nozzle Turbo Jet


Flexi Nozzle Turbo Jet
Flexi Nozzle Turbo JetFlexi Nozzle Turbo Jet

The new Flexi Nozzle adaptor allows the operator to point a turbo jet nozzle in multiple positions on the end of a hand lance so it can be positioned in a sewer shaft and directed at a blocked branch line.

Once the pressure hits the flexible adaptor it locks in position. The problem area can then be quickly blasted out so you can get a standard jet hose up the branch line to clean the obstruction thoroughly.

Comes with Quick release adaptor, Flexible Adaptor, Brass Nipple and 055 Turbo Nozzle.

When ordering, please state your machines pressure and flow rate.


Please note: Lance gun purchased separately.

Flexihead Turbo


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