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At The Jetters Edge we carry a large range of stock pre-built ready to go, so in most cases you won't have to wait weeks for your new jetter. Our engineers take time building each machine to a very high standard meaning you won't experience down-time from equipment failure. We believe that when you are investing such a large amount of money in your business on a tool like a water jetter you don't want to save a few dollars in the wrong areas. 

Our jetters are priced to reflect a premium product made from high-quality components like premium hoses and reels, down to Aussie made quick couplers with double silt proof o'rings. Being plumbers, we know what you need on the job and how to use it. 

Check out the below flow rate comparison chart to find out what flow rate and hose size is best suited to you and your needs. This will help guide you to selecting the right jetter machine for the job!

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Black Box Pressure Washer


Black Box Pressure Washer 240Volt 2000psi

Price Ex GST:$846.46

Turn Key Jetter Ute


Turn Key Water Jetter Ute with Alloy Service Body ...

Price Ex GST:$49,573.45
Price Ex GST:$6,531.71
Price Ex GST:$6,028.72

Racejet 5000


Racejet 5000 Drain Cleaner - 5000psi 21 LPM

Price Ex GST:$7,149.67
Sale Price Ex GST:$6,819.13
Price Ex GST:$7,178.41
Price Ex GST:$7,681.41

Raptor 5000

Raptor 5000 High Pressure Water Jetter

Price Ex GST:$7,896.97
Price Ex GST:$8,399.97

Ramjet 5000


Ramjet 5000 Water Jetter

Price Ex GST:$8,184.40

Ramjet 4300


Ramjet 4300 Water Jetter

Price Ex GST:$8,687.39

Apache Trailer Jetter


Apache Trailer Jetter

Price Ex GST:$9,980.80

Python Trailerjet 31/4300

31 4300 tr

Galvanised 7’ x 4’ Trailer with 31 HP Vanguard Engine and ...

Price Ex GST:$11,274.21

Boiler Trailer


Boiler Jetter in Trailer

Price Ex GST:$17,604.72

31/31 Dual Trailer Jetter

31 31

Dual 31/31 jetter - Up to 62LPM. Clear up to 600mm drains.

Price Ex GST:$28,735.21

Turn Key Jetter Ute BODY ONLY


Turn Key Jetter Ute BODY ONLY

Price Ex GST:$25,142.41

Turn Key Jetter Ute


Turn Key Water Jetter Ute with Alloy Service Body Toyota

Price Ex GST:$46,699.21

Plumbers Pack Full 1/4" Hose


Plumbers Pack to purchase with every Water Jetter

Price Ex GST:$2,439.51
Sale Price Ex GST:$2,191.61

Plumbers Pack Full 3/16" Hose


Plumbers Pack to purchase with every Water Jetter

Price Ex GST:$2,396.40
Sale Price Ex GST:$2,148.49

Plumbers Pack Eco


Economy Plumbers Pack to purchase with every Water Jetter

Price Ex GST:$1,717.36
Sale Price Ex GST:$1,429.93

Jetter Cradle Racejet


Racejet Mounting Cradle

Price Ex GST:$314.73

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