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Safety Plate


The Mustang Safety plate is designed to make your job safer
Safety PlateSafety Plate
Base price $ 169.00
Price incl GST: $ 185.90

This 'new' design safety plate is now available making your job as an operator safer. It will prevent the hose from coming back up the drain and could save your life!

The centre hole acts as a hose guide to protect your hose. There are 5 breather holes so you can still hear what is going on down in the drain without getting covered in effluent.

The plate is made from recycled rubber and is heavy enough to prevent the nozzle coming back out from the drain. The centring disc is secured with stainless bolts for long service life.

It is also useful to help guide your camera into a drain to protect the pushrod from sharp pipe edges.

(The Mustang Safety Plate is a registered design of Mustang Nozzles Australia. (11) Reg. AU 332946, (21) AppIn/Design 201013082)


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