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Remote Mini Reel


Mustang Remote Mini Reel with 60m 3/16" Hose
Mustang Remote Mini ReelMustang Remote Mini Reel

Mustang Nozzles Remote Mini Reel
The Mustang Remote Mini Reel was designed by Bill Miller from Mustang Nozzles Australia to make water jetting safer for the operator and anyone or anything in the vicinity. The frame is made from stainless steel and electro-polished to remove any iron (fe) that may be left behind after welding the frame. It also gives the frame a new clean look and helps prevent rust and staining.

Bill designed the Remote Mini Reel after attending a job many years ago. He set up his jetter around the back of a customer’s house and placed the hose and nozzle in the inspection opening. The customer was watching him set up, along with her 5 year old son. Her son was very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. Bill walked around the front of the house to start the jetter.

Before starting the jetter he was thinking of how keen the 5 year old was to look at the equipment. Unsure of the situation, as a matter of safety he thought he should just quickly run back and make sure the job was safe before starting the jetter. To his absolute amazement the mother had walked back inside and left the boy outside. The young boy had pulled the hose out of the drain and was looking straight into the penetrating nozzle. If Bill had started the jetter this young boy may have had serious injuries.

Bill then went on a mission to make something that could allow the operator to stay at the point of entry without returning to the truck each time the jetter had to be turned off and on. He built a prototype frame and mounted a reel on it. He then added a pressure gauge, nozzle rack, rubber grip, ball valve with extended handle and sturdy base. The reel was then tested by his team of plumbers who thought it was great, saving the time and effort of running back and forward each time the jetter had to be operated! It was also drop-tested at 3m and rolled off the back of a truck at a roundabout.

It was a complete success and thousands have been made since then. There have been many cheap copies made just like anything you buy today. There will always be an inferior copy at a better price. Bill has continued with his pledge to make water jetting a 'safe' operation for everyone involved and released other safety products including the 'Safety Plate'.

Stainless Steel Electro-Polished Frame
Powder-Coated Reel with 6000psi wp Swivel
60m Premium Bluflex Jet Hose
Mustang Stainless Steel Quick Release Coupler on hose end
3 Brass Mustang Quick Couplers on Nozzle Rack
Rubber Grip Handle
Balanced Carrying Point
Sturdy base design
Curved base to prevent leg injury when carrying to job
Extended cast handle making isolation operation easy
Heavy Duty Isolation Valve
High Pressure Cast Stainless Tee
Mustang Pressure Gauge with Spike Arrestor
Hose protection spiral wrap to prevent hose chaffing

Also available with a full Stainless Steel hose reel. Click here

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