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Buying the Right Hose Reel

There are several hose reels on the market for different applications. Mustang Nozzles make a hose reel that suits both the domestic and commercial market. There are 3 models; the 4418, the 134 and the 104. They all boast 6000psi working pressure and are made from steel for strength with a brass and stainless steel swivel hub.

Hose Reel 4418

The hose reels are zinc coated before being powdercoated for corrosion resistance. Unlike other hose reels on the makets today these reels have built-in hub brakes and locking pins with double plate holes for strength.

The 4418 hose reel is larger than the 134 hose reel and can be mounted in any direction including upside down, on a wall or at 45 degrees.

We make a bracket so that two hose reels can be mounted on top of each other.

Hose Reel 134

The 134 hose reel is smaller then the 4418 hose reel and can be mounted under the tray of a work vehicle or into a remote mini reel frame to allow the reel to be transported to and from the truck. 

There is a smaller hose reel called the 104 that is designed for smaller hose reel applications. This will be available in mid 2014.

Garden Hose Reel

We also sell a garden hose reel with high quality greenflex hose that won't kink easily and outlasts all other hoses on the market. It has a strong zinc-plated frame and can also be mounted in any direction. This is a heavy duty hose reel and we have been installing them on plumbers trucks for over 10 years.

Contact us today regarding our range of hose reels for air, water, oil and most other industries.  Ph (02) 9986 1186 

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Choosing your next 4WD

A comparison of four popular dual cab models

With the recent announcement of the accelerated depreciation deductions and its removal very soon, now is a great time to consider upgrading your work beast. IN August, the RACV put four dual cab turbo-diesel powered, automatic 4WD models through their paces on the road – unladen and carrying 500kg load, and gave them a good workout on some rough bush tracks to give a comprehensive comparison.

Tough “tradies utes” have become more civilised in recent years with the current breed of turbo-diesel powered 4WD dual cab utes ranging from normal family duties to shifting a load, towing a caravan or boat and adventuring off-road.  The RACV tested the Volkswagon Amarok, The Ford Ranger, The Mazda BT50 and the Holden Colorado.  This article is a great read for anyone considering the purchase of a work ute and the full article can be read here


Digital Marketing and What it Means for Your Plumbing Business

How do you do effectively market and advertise your plumbing business? Do you really need a website or facebook? What’s the best way to reach people in your local area?

 The internet has suddenly turned marketing upside down. Traditional media is on the way out and today it’s all about online marketing. That means that the old ways for a customer to find your business – telephone books, newspapers, flyers etc only has a very limited lifespan and if you’re not starting to shift to internet marketing, your business might be in a bit of trouble soon.

This means that you absolutely need a website. However, far from this being a complex procedure – you can quickly, easily and cheaply get one set up for you, within Australia…so breathe easy and read on.

Once you have a website your site needs to be ‘findable’ by Google – this is what people call SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. There is a fair bit that goes into this and Google often changes the way it assesses whether your site has any value. The more valuable your site is, the more it will show up in search results. Relevant, regularly updated content is the most basic way to get the best results and it’s worth staying on top of this, otherwise your site might be tucked away by Google never to be read by any potential customers. Don’t be shy to update your website to include seasonal specials or handy ‘how to tips’ – Google and your customers will appreciate it.

You should also have a presence on social media, especially Google Plus and Facebook as this affects how Google ranks your website and also gives you a fast way to respond to any customer queries and post pictures of your work – without having to know a thing about websites, you can even do it from your phone!

So when you have a spare moment, please consider how your customers are going to keep finding your business into the future... and start making plans now because implementing a good digital marketing campaign might take a little while to yield results!

What is a good entry level Water Jetter?

If you’re in the process of pricing a water jetter for your business and thinking that there’s a bit too much expense involved, you are not alone. If you’re just starting out in a plumbing business, the price of a professional standard Water Jetter and CCTV camera set-up can seem a little daunting.

If you haven’t used a water jetter or drain camera on a job before, you may not realise what a valuable tool they are. Not only for the great job they do, but also for the income the equipment brings in.
racejet 4000 water jetterWith an entry level water jetter with a 4000psi/13litre a munite pump, results will be not too dissimilar to those attained with higher pressure and flow units used in domestic situations, while still charging out the same rates.                                                            
There are several options to keep the initial cost of the unit to a minimum. You can take the option of no reels to hold the high pressure jetting hose, just use a patching hose to a ball valve to isolate the pressure, then another length of hose with a nozzle to be used down the drain. By keeping the pressure hose to shorter lengths, there will be less pressure drop and the nozzles will do a better job. It will take a little longer, at set up and packing up, using this system with no reels to roll the hose onto.

You can choose to purchase a remote Mini Reel with the jetter to use at the entry point, joined by a length of patching hose. This gives the operator greater control over the working end of the hose and is a safer and neater way of working by not having coils of hose lying around your feet. To keep the price (and pressure drop) down, a shorter length of hose can be used on the Mini Reel, rather than the standard 60 metres.

Another option is a high pressure hose reel that can be mounted to the jetter to hold the main hose. This hose can be used with a nozzle directly on a blockage or connected to the remote Mini Reel if the water jetter cannot reach the access entry point. These water jetters can be mounted on a truck, trailer or in a van and are light enough to be kept portable and loaded on and off a vehicle when required.

mini water jetterThere are plenty of plumbers who have started out with this water jetter set-up and then have upgraded to a higher pressure and flow professional water jetter when they are more comfortable financially. If they already have the Mini Reel and nozzles, only the water jetter itself needs to be purchased.

These Mini water Jetters have the power to operate a Root Ranger root cutting nozzle but the turbines must be matched to the specifications of the pressure and flow of the pump. Always seek professional advice in this area.
What Drain Camera should I buy?

Ridgid Drain CameraLike jetting equipment, the purchase of a Drain Camera and Locating equipment is a reasonably large outlay so it’s important to get it right. Set yourself up with a package that will do the job and don’t get stuck paying extra for fancy accessories that you may rarely use. There is a wide array of drain camera equipment available, from cheap Chinese made gear to cutting edge American & German made equipment.
Ridgid Drain Camera 2
I believe the best attitude to have when looking for good drain camera and locating equipment is the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Purchasing cheap Asian made equipment may be good in the short term but through my experience, when they start giving trouble they cannot always be repaired, or if they can be repaired it will cost more than the initial purchase price of the equipment. On the other hand, if you pay too much for your drain camera equipment it will take a lot longer to pay for itself before it starts turning a profit. 

We recommend the Ridgid range of drain camera and locating equipment for everyday household drains and small commercial drains up to 150mm. They are tough enough to give to a first year apprentice and have it returned still operating! They also have many new features and recording options making your job of diagnosing the problem simple.

Ridgid Drain Camera 3Reel lengths on their drain camera's from 10 metres up to 100 metres and monitor choices are from basic hand held models up to Digital Recording to thumb drive units. This means you can choose a package that is going to suit the type of work that you will doing with your drain camera most often. These options also apply to the Locating equipment, from simply finding the camera head to locating utilities.

The most popular drain camera package by far is also one of the more basic options. It is cost effective and will do most jobs in the field. It is simple to use and is durable and perhaps most importantly, it is very reliable. The most common use for a drain camera is looking for a problem then locating the site above the point at ground level.
Ridgid Drain Camera 4

The basic drain camera package can be added to if required, some operators want DVD burners or recording to USB devices, some operators will want to trace the pipe to know where it runs, some will want to trace copper water services, and some utilities. There are many options with cable length and thickness, self-levelling camera heads, transmitters and locators.

Ridgid Drain Camera 6Ridgid CCTV Drain Camera Inspection and Locating equipment would be considered mid-range in price, but with the reliability of the product and with Sales Reps in the field for advice and training, purchasing a Ridgid package becomes a sensible decision.

Call us today for more information about the different options available. Ph: 02 9986 1186


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