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How to stay ahead of your competitors
Drawing people to your website

By Bill Miller

Let’s start with some facts;
  • 70% of consumers now go online before making a buying decision
  • The Internet has over 200 Million websites
  • Over 26 Billion Youtube videos are watched every month
  • Youtube is the number 4 search engine in the world
  •  There are 4x more mobile phone users than internet users – 33% use high speed access
  • Mobile advertising has a 10x higher click through rate than online advertising
  • Mobile traffic has a 6x higher intention to purchase then internet online traffic
  • More than 30% of all internet searches are local and include the location in the search
    How do they find us?
    1. Key areas to draw people to your website
      1. Youtube – Make it short and informative – Encourage people to “share” your videos
      2. Ferret – Send regular Showcases
      3. Blogs – Write a Blog about anything
      4. Facebook – Short and informative
      5. Facebook Like and Share button on all your articles
      6. Phone app’s
      7. Google Add Words
    1. Networking
      1. Ask people for referrals and links to your website
      2. Meet with a small business group monthly
      3. Go to free business seminars in your local area
      4. Sponsor community activities
      5. Get a banner made up ready for events
    1. Write an Article and give it away – The Top Ten ways to ......
      1. Local paper
      2. Other internet based companies
      3. Ferret
      4. Your own website
      5. Free press
    1. Test and Measure
      1. Get a T&M sheet and stick it to your desk
      2. Before you end every phone call ask “Would you mind telling me where you heard about our company?”
      3. Write it down and review it monthly
      4. Check your Google Analytic results weekly – Auto reports
    1. Use Articles Directory Press Release Companies like Ferret
      1. Sign up to companies like PRWeb or Ferret so everyone can hear you
    1. Search Engine Optimisation
      1. Make sure your web site is optimised on a regular basis
      2. Change your content  and keep it fresh
      3. Select good key words and test them
    None of this works if you don’t “work your business”. If you sit back and hope the phone rings you will go broke and several people will lose their jobs because of your lack of action.
    You need to be where your customers are looking every day - on their computers and phones.
    Just having a web site isn’t enough anymore, you need to be seen as a trusted and respected authority who is active in the industry by using the following;
    1. Short videos and articles distributed across the internet
    2. Targeted internet adds
    3. Local search directories
    4. Automated lead capture campaigns for new customers and clients
    5. Automated follow-up campaigns to turn leads into clients
    If you have this in place your will have a broad internet presence and multiple first page listings on Google. How would you like to come to work and find heaps of enquiries in you inbox every day?
    Look up more free advice on this subject and more.
    Another great web site with free resources is

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