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Mustang Root Ranger Nozzle versus WT Warthog Nozzle

Over the years, I have heard many plumbers talk of their preferences for root cutting nozzles. The two main root cutting nozzles used on the high pressure/low flow jetters for domestic applications are the Mustang Root Ranger and the WT3/8 Warthog R60. These are two totally different nozzles, each with its own characteristic.

The main feature of the Mustang Root Ranger is that you get 100% of your pump’s pressure and flow out of the one orifice, giving the operator superior ability to mulch away blockages and totally scrub the inside walls of the pipe. The WT Warthog has one forward facing jet and two rear facing jets (or tips) so that pressure and flow is split between these orifices. The result is less mulching ability from this nozzle.

Root Ranger Nozzle
The main feature of the WT Warthog is the off-set front jet set in the self-rotating head, which is great for penetrating stubborn blockages going forward, however the friction loss that goes into rotating the head gives less cutting power to the rear facing jets.

There is a front jet option available for the Mustang Root Ranger to aid with forward penetration, although most operators tell me they prefer to punch through with a penetrating nozzle to get a “feel” for the pipe before sending the Root Ranger down. Due to the design of the patented reverse pressure bend the Mustang Root Ranger clears roots and obstructions by working back and forward over the affected area with a twisting action on the hose by the operator.

Operators new to the jetting game are sometimes nervous about getting the Mustang Root Ranger stuck due to its hook shape. They can jam in an inspection opening cap, hook over a thick root or flick up a junction. Experienced operators have no qualms about using the Mustang Root Ranger due to their experience. There are several training videos that will help the new operator at There are also many advantages of the hook shaped nozzle that include retrieving foreign objects from drains.

Most operators are wary about using anything other than a penetrating nozzle only on stormwater blockages. The Warthog is about the size and shape of a 50mm tow ball and won’t tend to jam like a Root Ranger, although I have heard stories about them dropping down a shaft and getting permanently stuck.

Warthog wt nozzle sm

To sum up, the main advantages of the Mustang Root Ranger are more cutting power, one third of the price of the WT Warthog, longer lasting due to the duplex stainless steel pressure bend and cheaper and quicker to service. The main advantages of the WT Warthog are the forward penetrating ability and less chance of getting stuck, but the units are expensive to buy and service, and the heads wear down due to the self-rotating head grinding on the walls of the pipe.

Recently there has been a spate of cheap copies of both these heads, particularly the Mustang Root Ranger. These nozzles are made with inferior quality materials and would present a danger being used with pressures exceeding 4,000 psi. The Mustang Root Ranger is the only root cutting nozzle made with duplex stainless steel, which is so hard that only one engineering shop in Sydney can do the machining of the raw castings. Mustang Nozzles also makes the Double Barrel Root Ranger, The Double Ended Root Ranger and the larger 1/2" Root Ranger Nozzle.

Remember, when purchasing your next high quality nozzle, ask for a genuine Mustang Nozzle available only from authorised dealers. Make sure it has the Mustang Nozzles logo on the pressure bend, don’t accept inferior quality copies, it will only cost you more down the track.

The original Root Ranger Nozzle.


Root Ranger History

The Root Ranger Nozzle was one of the early root cutting nozzles designed in Australia and is one of the best nozzles for cutting tree roots, grease, ice and debris from drains. It has been on the market for many years now and is the 'go to' tool for clearing blocked drains. There are several knock-off copies of the Root Ranger nozzle that are cheaper and not as effective. They also wear out quickly so you have to replace them more, often equating to a false value. 

Video Description

This is a video we shot on site quickly many years ago with a Ridgid Drain Camera showing the abilities of the early Root Ranger Nozzle inside a 6" earthenware drain. The client called us in after having the drain cleared one month earlier by another plumber with an eel. The only access was via a 4" inspection opening in the concrete driveway preventing a larger cutter entering the drain. Since this video was taken we improved the Root Ranger nozzle in many areas including the strength of the 180 degree pressure bend (the major wear part) and the large flow path for the water with reduced friction/pressure loss. You can now buy a Forward Firing Root Ranger with optional front plug, a Double Barrel Root Ranger, a Large 1/2" Root Ranger and a Double Ended Root Ranger Nozzle

See more at your local Mustang Nozzles Authorised Agency or go to

Is there any value in buying a cheap jetter?

In line with the increasing demand of high pressure waters jetters purchased by plumbers for the express purpose of unblocking sewer and stormwater drains, it is noticeable that there are more and more places where this equipment can be purchased. Some of these vendors have been around for many years with solid reputations for first class equipment, product knowledge, back up service, training and practical advice.

There are a few more that have appeared in the last few years who are more than happy to take your money while promising the world, yet if an issue arises they aren’t particularly interested in helping out unless the blame can be apportioned to the user, so that the user can be made to pay for something that they shouldn’t necessarily have to.

There’s one or two that will take your money and point blank refuse to help the purchaser in any way, referring them to the manufacturer or someone across the other side of town or the state, or the country. Then there’s a few others who have disappeared already, along with the money paid for equipment that was never received.

The difference in quality between the machines available on the market is immense. Some are just downright dangerous, but to a first time buyer that doesn’t know what to look for, these seem like a good buy as they cost a bit less than others that they’ve enquired about.

The quality of the engine, pump and gearbox, battery, engine mounts, frame, fittings and workmanship has to be taken into account, and that is before the quality of the high pressure components such as reels, hoses, couplers and nozzles are checked out. It is simple to take a look at a quality jetting machine and roughly copy it for about half the price by using inferior grade products, then market the unit at 20% less than the better machine. I’ll admit I’m no mathematical genius but I think that equates to paying 20% less for a jetter that’s only 50% as good. Doesn’t seem like good value. When you purchase a cheap jetter you will get a cheap jetter.

If you are interested in enquiring about a jetter set up, the best way to find out what the better machines are is ask a plumber who has one. They will give you a more honest opinion than any salesman. Ask them about the machine they have and if it’s suitable for the work they do and if it gives them any trouble, ask them where they bought the machine and if they’re happy with the service they got before and more particularly after taking delivery. Ask them about the quality of the hoses, fittings and nozzles, and then ask them if they were to buy a second jetter, would they buy from the same place. Doing your background research this way can save hours of work before and save lots of heart ache afterwards.

The Jetters Edge is the only company in Australia that sells jetters and jetting accessories and nothing else. We are good at what we do and we believe in our product. We won't sell you inferior products or cut corners. Call us today and see why we are number one for quality, service and price!

Replacing Rusted Water Jetter Mufflers

Does the muffler on your jetter look like this? Besides being annoyingly noisy it is also a very dangerous fire hazard that can ignite materials such as rags and cardboard that may be located nearby. A damaged muffler will also affect the overall performance of your jetter. The hot exhaust gasses will melt the thermoplastic jetting hose if it gets too close too.

The Jetters Edge now have a corrosion resistant stainless steel muffler available to help prevent the above problems and keeps your jetter looking good and performing at its optimum level. The mufflers will suit all Honda GX620 and GX670 engines and come complete with the centre mounting bracket welded on for added strength.

The muffler barrel, heat shield and mounting bracket are made from tough 304 Stainless steel that will last years longer than the factory supplied mild steel unit. The Stainless Steel Mufflers are Australian Made and are only available through the Mustang Group, so you know they’re good.

Contact the Jetters Edge on 1300 JETTING for pricing on this equipment or enquiries on our range of Truck-Trailer or Trolley Mounted Water Jetters, Drain Clearing Nozzles, Sewer Jetting Hose, High & Low Pressure Hose Reels, Water Tanks and Spare Parts & Accessories or visit

How do I Rent a Sewer Jetter?

With the Global Financial Crisis squeeze starting to be felt in Australia, there are three main reasons a plumber should rent a sewer jetter.

1) They don't own a sewer jetter or can't afford one just yet - This allows them to rent one and return it when finished.
2) Their sewer jetter is being repaired - They can continue in their business without interruption.
3) They want to try one before they buy one - Does it fit into their business and will they use it enough to balance the upfront purchase price?

The income from jetting a drain is too good to miss out on. If a potential customer goes elsewhere you may lose a significant contract and the future work that follows. The Jetters Edge in Belrose, Sydney have a Honda powered 4300 sewer jetter available for rent, from a 4 hour rate to long term periods as required. A Remote Mini Reel, 2 penetrating nozzles plus a Root Ranger root mulching nozzle come with the rig. All you need is a truck or trailer to roll the trolley mounted pump/motor group on to and a garden hose to connect to the break tank.

There is 60 metres of jetting hose on the Main Reel which is mounted on top of the frame, which means the trolley jetter can stay in the transport vehicle and not have to be unloaded at the work site as the 60m Main Reel connects to the Remote Mini Reel which has another 50 metres of hose. The Jetters Edge have a fork truck on site to load and unload the unit safely.

Ideally, a plumber renting the drain clearing jetter would have 2-3 jobs lined up for the day. The low daily sewer jetter hire rates enables them to earn a good income out of their hire cost from a single daily hire rate. Regular rental customers know that it makes good sense to make use of this service. Knocking back a sewer choke which may lead to a dig up because you don’t own the correct drain cleaning equipment no longer has to be an option.

Sure, you can hire an powered Eel to do the job for less money but most customers are now requesting a sewer jetter is used to clear their drains. A sewer jetter is also quicker and does a better job. There is three times more jetter hose than eel cable and the remote mini reel weighs less than half the weight of the eel cables. As most plumbers know, lugging a heavy eel around isn’t good for your back, carrying the Remote Mini Reel with 50 metres hose weighing only 15 kgs is a much better solution.

The Jetters Edge also rent a Dual Engine Trailer Jetter for cleaning drains up to 450mm, a Trailer Mounted Hot Water Jetter ideal for commercial grease lines, a drain inspection camera with a 30 metre cable, a thermal imaging camera, a petrol powered smoke machine, a Whirlaway path cleaner as well as a venturi pump that will fit down a 4” shaft.

Try before you buy!

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