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‘Seeing is Believing’ – Drain Camera Benefits and What Should I Buy?

There are many tools that are useful to the plumber but none more so than the drain camera. The drain camera allows for tangible evidence that creates many benefits and removes guesswork. With the right diagnostic equipment you will be able to go almost anywhere with your plumbing inspection, whilst providing concrete evidence to your client. Read on for further benefits to using a drain camera and information regarding the type of drain camera and equipment to buy. And remember ‘You can’t sell what you can’t see!”.

Drain BlockageBenefits to using a Drain Camera for your investigative plumbing work:

1. Drain Cameras are very profitable and can be charged out on each job so they pay for themselves very quickly.
2. Time-effective – it is fast to identify any problems and maintenance issues with a drain camera. 
3. Cost-effective to both contractor and client – problems are resolved with accuracy and speed which equals savings in labour and repair costs. You pay once for the correct diagnosis.
4. Accurate Diagnosis – able to provide thorough results and quick solutions.
5. Customer clearly sees issues– drain cameras offer clear communication and certainty of job extent. Clients have more trust when they can see the problem.
6. Non-invasive – drain inspections are carried out by feeding a small-remote controlled camera down your drain, the images are then displayed instantly on a monitor allowing for a clear view of your pipes. No digging or excavation required.
7. Preventative – drain cameras are able to identify issues in your drains that may lead to becoming a large issue.
8. Equipment can be added, as needed, as contractors expand their services. There is no need to purchase everything at once.

Root BlockageWhat can a drain camera inspection reveal?

With a quick, non-invasive inspection, using a drain camera can highlight the following issues:
  • Root Blockage
  • Broken/cracked pipes
  • Poorly maintained pipes
  • Root blockages
  • Foreign objects in pipes/debris causing a partial or total blockage/sludge build-ups
  • Poor installation – misalignment/offset joints
  • Crushed or collapsed pipes
  • Bellied pipes

Signs that you would need a drain camera inspection

  • Water not draining away or slow-draining water
  • Bubbling/gurgling sounds – these sounds are telling you that the drain is partially blocked and it needs attention
  • Bad odours – a blocked sewer pipe will be preventing sewer from flowing away
  • Purchasing a new home or business and you want to ensure that there are no problems in the drains


What Drain Camera and Equipment Should I Buy?

57278 RIDGID CS12X Left 72dpiThe purchase of a Drain Camera and locating equipment is a reasonably large outlay so it is important to get it right. Set yourself up with a package that will do the job correctly. Keep in mind that offering quick, accurate and non-invasive drainage inspections will not only help your business, but it will also strengthen the clients’ trust in your work. 

We recommend the Ridgid range of drain camera and locating equipment. We have been using the Ridgid range of diagnostic drain cameras in our plumbing business for over 20 years. Due to the reliability, accuracy and durability of the Ridgid models, they have proven to be the most rugged on the market. The range is all interchangeable and there is a model/package for every different use. You don’t need to purchase everything at once but know that as you add to your Ridgid equipment, all the pieces are compatible and work together. 

The most popular drain camera package by far is also one of the simplest to use. Most plumbers buy the CS6X Wi-Fi Self-Levelling Camera Package

Camera Package Ridgid

This is a standard everyday use package that fits neatly in your truck with a heavy-duty reel. It is cost-effective and will do most jobs in the field. This drain camera package is durable and reliable.

There are more options! Reel lengths on the drain cameras range from 10 metres up to 100 metres. Monitor choices range from basic handheld models to Digital Recording to thumb drive units. And locating equipment varies from simply finding the camera head to tracing the pipe, tracing copper water services and locating utilities. There is the right equipment for every job and requirement!

Ridgid HQ

HQ is a complimentary software tool made to help you collect digital pipe inspection content and impress your customer with a simple to create, yet clear and professional-looking presentation.


If you require more information about drain cameras and locating equipment don’t hesitate to contact us now Ph 02 9986 1186 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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