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phone02 9986 1186
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Buying the Right Hose Reel

There are several hose reels on the market for different applications. Mustang Nozzles make a hose reel that suits both the domestic and commercial market. There are 3 models; the 4418, the 134 and the 104. They all boast 6000psi working pressure and are made from steel for strength with a brass and stainless steel swivel hub.

Hose Reel 4418

The hose reels are zinc coated before being powdercoated for corrosion resistance. Unlike other hose reels on the makets today these reels have built-in hub brakes and locking pins with double plate holes for strength.

The 4418 hose reel is larger than the 134 hose reel and can be mounted in any direction including upside down, on a wall or at 45 degrees.

We make a bracket so that two hose reels can be mounted on top of each other.

Hose Reel 134

The 134 hose reel is smaller then the 4418 hose reel and can be mounted under the tray of a work vehicle or into a remote mini reel frame to allow the reel to be transported to and from the truck. 

There is a smaller hose reel called the 104 that is designed for smaller hose reel applications. This will be available in mid 2014.

Garden Hose Reel

We also sell a garden hose reel with high quality greenflex hose that won't kink easily and outlasts all other hoses on the market. It has a strong zinc-plated frame and can also be mounted in any direction. This is a heavy duty hose reel and we have been installing them on plumbers trucks for over 10 years.

Contact us today regarding our range of hose reels for air, water, oil and most other industries. www.thejettersedge.com.au  Ph (02) 9986 1186 

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