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phone02 9986 1186
Email: info@thejettersedge.com.au
Starting Procedure
Due to transport regulations, the jetter is delivered with an empty fuel tank & the fuel tap is off.

The fuel tap is located under the fuel tank on the left hand side of the jetter as you‘re facing it (Racejet 4300) above, or under the fuel tank at the rear of the jetter (BOSS 5000).
Ensure all nozzles or Lance Gun is fully into the quick release/quick connect couplers before starting.
Jetters have a low water cut-out switch in the header tank & the engine will not start with out being connected to water supply. The engine will cut out if the tank level gets too low.
When header tank is full, remove threaded black plastic water filter cap anti-clockwise & allow water to run through, then replace cap & retighten clockwise, making sure the strainer is located correctly. This will prevent an airlock. Strainer should be checked & cleaned regularly.
Battery has a manually operated isolation switch on the positive terminal (Racejet) or switch on battery box (BOSS 5000) to prevent battery drain when jetter is not being used. Before each use, wind green knob on switch in clockwise to connect battery & wind out anticlockwise after shutdown to disconnect battery for a Racejet or turn switch clockwise on BOSS 5000 to start & anticlockwise after shutdown.
Before starting engine, ensure ball valve on mini reel is in the OFF position until hose & nozzle are in entry point.
After shutdown, pressure may still be in the hoses if you have the ball valve on the mini reel turned off. You will not be able to disconnect the mini reel until you release this pressure by opening the ball valve & pointing the mini reel hose (with nozzle removed) away from persons or animals.
Eye protection and quality gloves must always be worn while using this machinery as a minimum. 
Read all the Brochures & Safety Sheets before using a jetter
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