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Mustang Car Trailers

If you are in the market for a premium built car trailer, check out this 3t tandem axle trailer. $11,000 including GST. Call Bill for further information. 2 in stock now.

• Car Trailer Dual axle trailer with 3000 kgs GVM capacity
• Tare weight of car trailer 726kgs
• Deck area of Trailer 4.8m long x 2.030m wide
• Painted 2 pack epoxy paint
• 12 tie down points
• 2 slide out ramps 2.100m long x 0.4m wide, which go under floor and spring loading locks to lock away.
• Checker plate floor thickness 3mm (full floor)
• Draw bar 100x50x5mm RHS (1.6 long)
• 3 tonne roller rocker suspension
• 45mm Axle SQUARE
• Electric Brakes (4 wheels) Breakaway system.
• enclosed mud Guards
• Front and rear supports on mud guards
• 5x Rims & tyres Alloy (Ford Stud Pattern)
• 7 Pin Flat plug & 2 x Safety Chain on your Trailer.
• Standard 50mm ball coupling (GAL)
• Clearance light on mud guard
• All lights are LED and multi volt
• Includes Jockey wheel and 2x spare wheel
• Also include customised tool box in draw bar for your chains.
• Trailer comes with VIN Number and Blue Slip, 12 months & all on road cost.
• Includes 12month Warranty
1x 12000lbs electric winch
1x Quicklash tie down system.
1x Battery box in floor.


Thinking of Buying a Car Trailer? Here are some helpful points to consider when choosing the best car trailer to carry your car.

Open or Enclosed?

There are many different options available in the car trailer market. One of the major choices to make is between an open or enclosed trailer. Enlosed trailers provide full-coverage to the elements and can also be used to permanently store and protect your car. The enclosed option allows you to carry your car with zero damage to its exterior that can occur from stones and road rubbish. But, they are double the price of their open car trailer counterparts and it can be difficult to get in and out the towed vehicle when on the trailer.

Open car trailers are a great option as they are ­­cheaper than a closed trailer. An open car trailer offers affordability and great manoeuvrability, plus you get to show your wheels to the world when it's in transit!

Single Axle or Dual Axle?

If you are looking to transport one car, it is wise to invest in a dual axle (or tandem style) car trailer. A dual axle trailer will stabilise the car trailer while driving and when in storage. A swing jockey wheel is imperative to enable the trailer bed to remain flat when detaching.

Vehicle Loading?

How are you going to load and unload your car? Ramps are very common and, if they have appropriate storage under the trailer floor, they can slide in and out with ease, saving room on the deck. The added benefit of a Tilt system on your trailer means the ramp-up to the trailer is significantly reduced so lowered cars can drive on.

Do I need a Winch?

A winch rated to the weight of the vehicle you are towing is a great addition. You don't need a winch but It helps if you've had a bad day at the track and you need to get your car onboard, the winch does it all for you. Add a battery in a recessed battery box with a trickle charger and you have all you need.

Do I need a Spare Tyre?

For safety reasons, make sure your car trailer comes with at least one spare tyre. You never know when you will need a spare. If possible, match the wheel stud pattern on your car with the wheel stud pattern on your trailer.

What size car trailer will you require?

This will depend on your budget, how many cars you need to transport and the size/weight of the car required to be carried. It is important to know how much your car weighs plus your vehicle's towing capacity – this will help when deciding on the trailer weight you need.

What is the best Material to build a trailer from?

Choosing the material of your car trailer is also worth considering. Aluminium trailers are lighter and immune to rust but they are much more expensive than a steel option. Steel built car trailers are also a quality product – they are durable, cheaper and proper maintenance will prevent rust, giving the car trailer an extensive lifespan. Go for a painted car trailer option rather than hot-dip galvanised, painted will give you the required results whilst being very kind to your hip pocket.

Do I need brakes? What about Suspension?

Brakes on your car trailer are a must in Australia – choose ones that suit your budget, they can be mechanical or electric. The best type of electric brakes is on all 4 wheels with a Break-away system. Make sure your towing vehicle has a matched brake controller. Roller Rocker suspension is a great way to support your trailer with a heavy load on it.

Tie Down Points?

How many? As many as possible so you can secure your car properly and effectively. They can be recessed into the floor or welded on the side of the trailer. If you have the budget, invest in a set of front wheel Quick-Lash tie-downs. This is a very simple and quick way to tie your car down. Drive on, clip in the rear bracket and tighten the strap! Saves time and effectively secures vehicle.

If you require more information or would like to know more about premium car trailers, or whether Mustang Car Trailers can provide you with the right trailer for your needs, please call or message us at Mustang Car Trailers. We would be more than happy to help.

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